Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to Shut Up Your Brain 101

The answer to this question is getting something else stuck in it. or stare at a grass blade for hours and think of nothing else. It's never worked for me, but who knows, might work for you.

I always have some kind of music piece stuck in my head. whether it's classical, soundtrack, one of my favorite songs at the moment or some annoying little ditty from my childhood. there is ALAWAYS something stuck in my head. I wish sometimes i could figure out how to turn off that mental CD player stuck on repeat. Bother.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring's Here

My Brother is off on a bike ride and our dog Dakota won't stop howling. It's getting kind of annoying. Never mind, it was Cheyenne.

But to get down to business. I'm so happy spring is here again. Time to put away the flannel sheets and pull out the flip-flops! YAY! I should probably start packing away some of my winter coats. I'm going to have to leave a few out though because of how much the temperature fluxuates here. It's hot outside right now, but it might be very cold later. You just never know...