Thursday, April 30, 2009


I had something to talk about and now I can't remember what it was. I'M TO YOUNG TO BE HAVING SENIOR MOMENTS!

well, I am recovered from the walk saterday and am very happy regarding that fact. now I have three sets of tan. it might surprise you to learn that I still have a tan line from my swimsuit last summer! on top of that, now I have even darker skin from this year's walk. my legs look I'm wearing upper thigh stockings that stop at my ankles. I guess that would be very long leg warmers not stockings. it looks weird. I remind myself of a paint horse with all my different skin colors. and now I'm thinking that I tan easy, burn if left in sun all day without shade, and keep tan as well as I get it. lucky me.

I'm reading this book and it's 676 pages long and it's really two books in one binding. like I finished the first part of the book last night and started the "part two" and what do you know, it's four years later and the teen age characters are now adults. now I call that cheating! you skip a lot and it doesn't even seem right considering in part one they were getting ready for a war that was going to break out SOON but it took four years for it to actually happen and then you've got these other characters that are trapped or kidnapped. they've been in captivity for FOUR years! anyway, if you want to know what book I'm talking about it's called the bones of makados by bryan davis and it's the 8th book in the series (but I really think it should have been 8th and 9th book) raising dragons/oracles of fire and I suggest you never read these for your own sanity. they are good at keeping your attention, but the rest of it is just kind of bad in my opinion. I own all 8 and I don't plan on reading them a second time.

Monday, April 27, 2009

warning: darth kitty on the loose

I'm feeling sick and sore and all around awful. I'm doing better today than yesterday, but I still feel the walk from Saturday every time I take a step and the sunburn hasn't improved at all. it hurts to touch my legs with ANYTHING which also means I haven't been able to shave and the hair is just growing which only adds to my bad mood. I'm tired and cannot get enough sleep due to how loud the house is in the morning. grrr! this is the part where I DO turn into a darth kitty. MEEEERRROOWWWW! SSSSSSSSSSS!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

walk a thon

why is it called that anyway? I get the walk part, but the thon? oh well. Yesterday, I walked 12 miles. There were 5 girls total walking. that was it. no guys showed up or anything. that really surprised me that more of the homeschool group, guys included didn't show up. only five walkers! that's sad. My legs and hips are so sore! I'm limping around the house and basically walking like my grandmother. I remembered to put sunscreen all over my body except my legs. oops. so the rest of me is a little tanner than it was before the walk, but my legs? they are beet red and sore to the touch. ow. never forgetting to put sunscreen on them again!

Stephanie had a goal to walk 20 miles. she was on her 12th when I noticed her starting to fade. the girl just got paler and paler as she kept going. her posture was slumping and she looked dead on her feet. we were both walking at the same time, but she was ahead of me because she walked faster and has longer legs. Mrs. Gina started noticing it too and called Stephanie's mother. I'm not really sure what went on with that whole thing. it's 90 something degrees outside in the hot hot sun! we kept trying to get Steph to stop, but she didn't want to. her dad called her and shortly after than Steph realized that she was getting dizzy, but she wanted to keep going.

We more or less had to drag her off the track and take her back to Lizzie's place. after she'd been laying down for about ten minutes, her heart rate was still 120! Steph suffered from heat exhaustion more than anything else. I'm not sure how much longer she would have lasted before passing out. Steph reached a total of 14 and a quarter miles before we took her out. GO STEPHANIE! she walked further than any of us! now that is determination.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lock Up

Last night my mom and I went to this Pro-Life dinner thing for the new Pregnancy center in Clovis. I was serving the food. I HATE being a waitress. why? well, my people skills are like...2 and that is just not my thing. I freeze up and get all trembley. this is also one of the reasons why I'm a great actor, but not in front of people I don't know. It's like a paralyzing stage fright! STRESS MAKES ME LOCK UP! That's why I'm so terrible at tests and math. my brain freezes. I'm still suffering today from yesterday's stress!

I was on my feet for most of the evening and when we got to sit down and eat, I couldn't eat very much because of my nerves. Mom always says that I always look calm, cool and collected and I bet that none of my friends that I was serving with could see all the stress I was feeling. because I do look cool calm and collected when I'm freaking out. I'm not sure why. but it makes life even worse for me sometimes, being able to hide those emotions so well!

The night before last I didn't get a lot of sleep. I'm not sure why. Last night I didn't get a lot of sleep. I was serving at the dinner all night long in my dreams and I was half awake for most of the night. Rachel kept coughing, so that kept me up too!

I also had two demonic visitors. Let me tell you, it is not pleasant to be sleeping and then have someone invisible pin you to your pillow and cover your mouth so you can't tell it to get the heck out of here! I've dealt with them before so it wasn't really a big problem, I just can't understand why all of a sudden they are interested in ME! Dad said it's because we're getting close to something and it's part of my spiritual training so I know how to deal with demons when I'm testifying to people. I think they don't like that I'm going to be doing that walk-a-thon for make-a-wish on Saturday. that sounds a bit crazy, but satan HATES it when we do stuff that's good and right. so it stands to reason. If you think I'm making this up, I'm not. the spirit world is real and the dark side is NOT fun, no matter what Satan tells you.

I think Satan is trying to scare me into hiding from God, but I know that God has given me the power to get rid of the unwelcome visitors that sometimes show up and I've witnessed some miraculus things. If I've learned anything from my unwelcome visitors it's that if demons are real, than the spirit world is real and if the spirit world is real then angels are real and if angels are real that means God is real and if God is real, then I'm in good hands and God is NEVER going to leave me to face my problems on my own.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Geico Problem

This is just funny.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Turn out the light!

my bedroom is right across the hall from the bathroom. when the light gets left on, I get this bright light in my face and can't sleep. so I'm ALWAYS turning it off.

My Brother Nathan has a habit of going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and then not turning off the light when he leaves. he does it all the time and I get really sick and tired of turning the light off. two nights ago, while he was coming out of the bathroom I yelled at him to turn the light off.

"OK." he said and continued to go back into his room and not do anything about the light. So I had to pull myself out of my nice warm bed and turn the light off myself. ugh! the next morning, I told him about it and he said he didn't remember going to the bathroom at all that night. Why must I have a brother that sleep walks? it's bad enough that the sister I share a room with talks in her sleep. I'm a light sleeper and these doing-things-in-your-sleep things make me very grumpy indeed.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Yesterday I went to choir. I haven't been going because I've been sick. But obviously if I went yesterday, I wasn't feeling sick. the frustrating thing about choir is the fact that we're learning songs I've never heard before and I can't read music. I know that if the notes on the bar go up, you sing higher. if they go down, you sing lower. that's about it. I thank God I've got a knack for learning songs quickly. I don't know much about music. duh. I just said I couldn't read it. but I'm pretty good at playing stuff by ear. and singing. so I don't even really need the sheet music if I know the melody. that's another thing that I'm grateful for, I'm a soprano, not an alto.

what kind of got me in trouble yesterday (with myself not anybody else) is that we are learning how to compose music as well as sing it. did I mention I can't read music? how can I write it if I can't even read it! Oh well. I guess I'll just muddle through. I'm good at that too.

I don't think I'd even go if it weren't for the fact that I'm not the only one in the class who doesn't know what they are doing.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

books books and more books

I've got a lot of books on my plate and I'm very happy. I haven't had this many books on my need-to-read list in a long time. if you're wondering what those books are, just look at my little shelf on the side bar.

some of the books on my shelf I've already read before, but haven't read in years. like the two by E. Nesbit. I really wanted to re-read those books, but the library around here doesn't carry them. =( what's worse is that i couldn't even remember what they were called. I just remembered that one of the books had a title that had something to do with a castle. but I couldn't for the life of me remember what. it turned out that the book was called the enchanted castle. now how in the world did I manage to forget that!?!?! oh well.

hopefully I can get an inter library loan or something for some of these books that I know I'm not going to find anywhere around here. or i can just ask mom to get them on ebey.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Sound of Honey

I'm working on my Poetry. Mom says this one makes her sad...which is the point I guess. I feel proud of it and it took me most the afternoon to get it right. Enjoy!

The Sound of Honey

By Me (Kye)

The music played soft and low
Drifting through the halls
Weaving a magic spell in the air
“Come dance!” it pleaded with imploring tones
“Move across the dance floor, hold your lover close.”
The music spun, it whirled, it waited
It played the sweetest tune you’ve ever heard
It sounded like honey
It felt like a rose

The music sang long and engaging
Wandering round the house
Touching the rims of heaven
“Come sing!” it whispered
“Add to the music, lend your voice to the song.”
It smelled like rain
It glowed like laughter
The music begged, it cried and it pleaded
It sang a brand new melody

But no one danced
No one sang
No one heard the honey or felt the touch of the rose
No one smelled the rain
The music played alone

For there was no one to hear it

Thursday, April 9, 2009

So I was abducted by aliens

A few of us young writers with Connie Willis

So I was abducted by aliens, got towed clear across the universe, had to convince the aliens that flies were an endangered species so they wouldn't blow up earth, got towed back to earth and ended up back at the library just a few seconds before my parents came to pick me and my sister up from this writer's workshop. fun, no?

The wind was blowing blowing blowing hard hard hard. Did I mention the wind was blowing hard? Over 40 mph! We're getting ready for a yard sale, so we had to move boxes to the back room. That meant that we had to go outside with these HUGE empty boxes. The wind about blew us and the boxes clear to Kansas! We also got our mouths and eyes full of dirt. I HATE wind! Especially when it blows all the time and turns the sky brown.

I also went to a writers workshop with guest speaker, Connie Willis. It was one of the best workshops I've gone to in a long time. Connie told us not to tell our parents what we learned. instead, we were supposed to make up this wild story. hence the I was abducted by aliens. she way joking, of course. a few of the many good tips she gave us were: When you're writing, start story when problem becomes a crisis. Arguments are great for leaking information to readers or other character. Show, don't tell. Use accidents and coincidences to get characters INTO trouble, NOT out of it. that is cheating your reader out of a good story! Also, learn from other's mistakes as well as your own. it keeps you from writing crap.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm a Cat. I'm a Kitty Cat. And I dance dance dance, and I dance dance dance...

If I were an animal, I would be a cat. I have the personality of one. I like fish, I don't like being touched unless it's on MY terms, I am more awake at night than during the day, I have great night vision and hearing, I'm quiet unless I don't want to be, I can walk and jump off of things silently, I am good at hiding (especially when I don't want to say hello to company) I have a longish temper and I'll keep it and keep it and keep it until I can't take it anymore and I strike! Rarrr!!! I guess that would be striking without warning, something my cats do quite well. My temper flairs, viciously, but briefly. I don't stay mad for long. I also like to watch bugs...just as long as they aren't in my bedroom. I see bugs in my bedroom, I squish. simple as that. My dad is always telling me to retract my claws. And my sister calls me a "Good Kitty" and pats me on the head. I HATE that. Thank you for listening to my random little "I'm a cat" commentary. I'll shut up now.

update on fires

There has not been another fire yet. The one that happened on Sunday actually happened in an old warehouse next to a grain elevator. it was being used for storage, so no one was hurt. here's a picture of the Dollar General that burnt down last week.

I am suffering from spring allergies. ugh! my nose is probubly as red Rudolph's!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Three fires that are no co-inky-dink

There was a fire last week in the True Value warehouse. The Dollar General, which was next to it also caught fire and both buildings burnt to the ground. No one is sure how the fire started. Friday night, The Big Valley car dealership caught fire. They stopped the blaze before it burnt down the entire building. Police said that there were no signs of arson and the fires had nothing in common. Then today there was a fire. My mom said it was in one of the grain elevators over the railroad tracks over by Town and Country. I'm not going to know for sure until the paper comes out on Tuesday. (we don't get the paper on Monday) There can't be THREE fires in less than ten days that all happen to be accidents. Someone is starting these things intentionally. Why? I have no idea. I'm also wondering if something else is going to burn down. Wal*mart perhaps? I am really hoping there aren't going to be anymore fires. That's a lot of money and jobs lost.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

colored pencils

I've been drawing a lot recently. why? I'm not sure. I haven't had much of anything else to do so I guess that might be the reason. I have noticed that I'm getting better at drawing. just in the last few months. I'm not sure why that is either. I like my set of colored pencils I got for Christmas. they've really done something to my work. that might be it. color instead of black and white. now if only I can get Rachel to stop using them...