Monday, April 6, 2009

Three fires that are no co-inky-dink

There was a fire last week in the True Value warehouse. The Dollar General, which was next to it also caught fire and both buildings burnt to the ground. No one is sure how the fire started. Friday night, The Big Valley car dealership caught fire. They stopped the blaze before it burnt down the entire building. Police said that there were no signs of arson and the fires had nothing in common. Then today there was a fire. My mom said it was in one of the grain elevators over the railroad tracks over by Town and Country. I'm not going to know for sure until the paper comes out on Tuesday. (we don't get the paper on Monday) There can't be THREE fires in less than ten days that all happen to be accidents. Someone is starting these things intentionally. Why? I have no idea. I'm also wondering if something else is going to burn down. Wal*mart perhaps? I am really hoping there aren't going to be anymore fires. That's a lot of money and jobs lost.

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