Monday, April 20, 2009

Turn out the light!

my bedroom is right across the hall from the bathroom. when the light gets left on, I get this bright light in my face and can't sleep. so I'm ALWAYS turning it off.

My Brother Nathan has a habit of going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and then not turning off the light when he leaves. he does it all the time and I get really sick and tired of turning the light off. two nights ago, while he was coming out of the bathroom I yelled at him to turn the light off.

"OK." he said and continued to go back into his room and not do anything about the light. So I had to pull myself out of my nice warm bed and turn the light off myself. ugh! the next morning, I told him about it and he said he didn't remember going to the bathroom at all that night. Why must I have a brother that sleep walks? it's bad enough that the sister I share a room with talks in her sleep. I'm a light sleeper and these doing-things-in-your-sleep things make me very grumpy indeed.


Stephanie said...

I sympathize! Adam used to do that all the time. His sleepwalking was worse than the light, though. I hated to leave my room at night for fear of running into him while he was sleepwalking - of course he looked very very creepy because he sleepwalks with his eyes open. So you think he's awake until you've told him 3 times to go back to bed and still he stare at you, without really seeing you. Zombie attack! lol

Kye said...

Nathan's eyes are usually open too. I wonder how many sleepwalkers do that.