Thursday, April 30, 2009


I had something to talk about and now I can't remember what it was. I'M TO YOUNG TO BE HAVING SENIOR MOMENTS!

well, I am recovered from the walk saterday and am very happy regarding that fact. now I have three sets of tan. it might surprise you to learn that I still have a tan line from my swimsuit last summer! on top of that, now I have even darker skin from this year's walk. my legs look I'm wearing upper thigh stockings that stop at my ankles. I guess that would be very long leg warmers not stockings. it looks weird. I remind myself of a paint horse with all my different skin colors. and now I'm thinking that I tan easy, burn if left in sun all day without shade, and keep tan as well as I get it. lucky me.

I'm reading this book and it's 676 pages long and it's really two books in one binding. like I finished the first part of the book last night and started the "part two" and what do you know, it's four years later and the teen age characters are now adults. now I call that cheating! you skip a lot and it doesn't even seem right considering in part one they were getting ready for a war that was going to break out SOON but it took four years for it to actually happen and then you've got these other characters that are trapped or kidnapped. they've been in captivity for FOUR years! anyway, if you want to know what book I'm talking about it's called the bones of makados by bryan davis and it's the 8th book in the series (but I really think it should have been 8th and 9th book) raising dragons/oracles of fire and I suggest you never read these for your own sanity. they are good at keeping your attention, but the rest of it is just kind of bad in my opinion. I own all 8 and I don't plan on reading them a second time.

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