Sunday, April 26, 2009

walk a thon

why is it called that anyway? I get the walk part, but the thon? oh well. Yesterday, I walked 12 miles. There were 5 girls total walking. that was it. no guys showed up or anything. that really surprised me that more of the homeschool group, guys included didn't show up. only five walkers! that's sad. My legs and hips are so sore! I'm limping around the house and basically walking like my grandmother. I remembered to put sunscreen all over my body except my legs. oops. so the rest of me is a little tanner than it was before the walk, but my legs? they are beet red and sore to the touch. ow. never forgetting to put sunscreen on them again!

Stephanie had a goal to walk 20 miles. she was on her 12th when I noticed her starting to fade. the girl just got paler and paler as she kept going. her posture was slumping and she looked dead on her feet. we were both walking at the same time, but she was ahead of me because she walked faster and has longer legs. Mrs. Gina started noticing it too and called Stephanie's mother. I'm not really sure what went on with that whole thing. it's 90 something degrees outside in the hot hot sun! we kept trying to get Steph to stop, but she didn't want to. her dad called her and shortly after than Steph realized that she was getting dizzy, but she wanted to keep going.

We more or less had to drag her off the track and take her back to Lizzie's place. after she'd been laying down for about ten minutes, her heart rate was still 120! Steph suffered from heat exhaustion more than anything else. I'm not sure how much longer she would have lasted before passing out. Steph reached a total of 14 and a quarter miles before we took her out. GO STEPHANIE! she walked further than any of us! now that is determination.

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