Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Sound of Honey

I'm working on my Poetry. Mom says this one makes her sad...which is the point I guess. I feel proud of it and it took me most the afternoon to get it right. Enjoy!

The Sound of Honey

By Me (Kye)

The music played soft and low
Drifting through the halls
Weaving a magic spell in the air
“Come dance!” it pleaded with imploring tones
“Move across the dance floor, hold your lover close.”
The music spun, it whirled, it waited
It played the sweetest tune you’ve ever heard
It sounded like honey
It felt like a rose

The music sang long and engaging
Wandering round the house
Touching the rims of heaven
“Come sing!” it whispered
“Add to the music, lend your voice to the song.”
It smelled like rain
It glowed like laughter
The music begged, it cried and it pleaded
It sang a brand new melody

But no one danced
No one sang
No one heard the honey or felt the touch of the rose
No one smelled the rain
The music played alone

For there was no one to hear it


Stephanie said...

I like very much. The new background is very cool, too!

Ink said...

Sad, but very nice!