Monday, September 29, 2008

wanted: veggies

so yeah. what have I been doing? erm, nothing? I think. I really not sure. I have been doing stuff but it's kinda like yer every day stuff.

I never thought I'd wish for a salad over french fries. I like french fries. but after a few days of having little to no veggies (not intentionally by either me or my parents it just kind of happened that way) I'm wishing for some. I've had a lot of food recently that's had a lot of grease in it or preservatives. not to mention the twelve orios I had Saturday or the icecream I ate for dinner sunday as I rushed out the door for youth group. I can't take in a lot of grease and fat without feeling sick. which is why I don't eat at McDonald's very often, avoid hotdogs, cut the fat off my stake, and refuse bacon. the last two nights, I've felt a bit sick. from the grease and cookies. We're having a bunch of veggies for dinner, so I'm very happy. I know now why you need a well balanced diet. I did know before, but right now, my body is enforcing the idea that veggies are important.

our chickens finally started laying eggs. we've had five eggs so far...or is it six? it might not seem like a lot now, but soon we're going to have eggs out the wazoo! I'm not sure If I like that besides deviled eggs, I'm not yer biggest egg fan. though it it kind of nice that we don't have to run into town just to get them.

Monday, September 22, 2008

head hurtin' tubble

welcome back to the wonderful world of me. yeah yeah. school is going the same as ever. I find that on week days, sleepiness likes to follow me around until just before bed when my nocturnal senses kick in. (I am soooo a night person) *yawns*

I feel like there isn't anything to do. I've done all my school work for the day, I've done chores, I've done all my online things and I have a whole afternoon left to waste! on what I don't know. I guess I might curl up and dig into the 8th pendragon book. I'm more than half way though it. the problem is that I finish it too quickly, then I'll have to start reading book 9. and that's the most resent book to my knowledge. after I finish 9, I'm going to go insane waiting for book ten. (which is the last book in the series I might add. it's already driving me nuts. note to self: book idea is out until this evening.

I've been having head aches on and off since last week. the people that live around here say it's cuz of the season change. I'm apt to believe it cuz I never got head aches in MD and last year (I was told) was a weird year as far a weather in this area. hence no head aches. though I did get a horrible sore throat and ear ache and it wasn't from infection.

We need to get a different chair for this computer desk. I am typing with my elbows level with my chest. after doing that for a while, it hurts my shoulders. Well I gotta go feed the kitties. I forgot about that chore. I don't know what I'm going to do after that. I might just organize picture files on the computer for the rest of the afternoon and turn the ac (is it up or down) whatever. it's cold in here.

Monday, September 15, 2008

random outhouse fact

Ya wanna know something random? this post has nothing to do with my life since my life has been very dull for what seem like forever and besides complaining about school, there isn't really anything that's worth mentioning.

Now for my random post...Why is there always a crescent moon carved into the door of an outhouse? Well, it used to be that there would be two out hoses: one for guys and one for girls. The guy outhouse would have a sun carved into the door and the girls would have a crescent moon. now some cartoonist decided that he liked the moon shape better and now that's why we have moons on the front of the out house doors. 

oh. I think dinosaurs went onto the ark with Noah and were killed either by the climate change after the flood, or by human hands. they did not like a bazillion years before people. I'm not even sure how people came up with that theory. It's true that doinos were not mentioned in the bible, but dragons were. dragons as we all know are mythical creatures that never really existed. they were most likely exaggerations of the large pythons in Asia, or they were dinosaurs that had not yet died out. that might also explain why nearly ever culture has some story about dragons or "large fire breathing lizard". Savvy? 

Monday, September 8, 2008


You say "Hey! it's September!" and the air gets colder. That's what happened. September rolled around and the cold front moved in. not that I mind. it's only a bit cooler. today it was 77 degrees and right now at 9:00 Pm it's around 65 degrees. the wind has picked up complete with that little autumn nip in the air. Fall is my favorite month. the leaves are always so pretty. though the trees we do have around here are pine, so there won't be any color. That's another thing I miss about living in MD. Color!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

16? Why me?!

So I walk into chillies, right? and my grandmother says: "Table for three." and the waitress looks at me and says: "Do you want a children's menu?"

Carpooling: lady asks: "So how old are you?" I answer: "Sixteen." Lady says: "really I never would have thought you were that old."

Around: dude says: "Are you really sixteen? cuz you don't look like it."

Friend of Friend looks at my 13 year old sister and asks: "Now which one of you is older? You?"

-_- sure. I don't look my age, but I sure act older than it if you take the time to get to know me. I haven't grown hardly in two years. I still have shoes that fit from three years ago!

I guess it's worse when ppl are always asking you "So are you driving?" "What classes do you want to take in collage?" "Are you working?" "So what do you want to do for the rest of your life?" all this pressure! people are expecting all these things from me! And I'm just worried that I'll get good grades. I don't need people telling me how to live my life or ask a gazillion questions on top of that!

Also, when some people assume that just because I'm a teen, I'm totally stupid and am going to mess up my life and need counseling or something. HELLO PEOPLE! NOT ALL TEENS ARE IDIOTS!

I guess everyone means well, but it's just so freaking annoying! I'm going to get lost in the mountains. Call me when my teen years are over. 'course then I'm gonna have to get married and get a job and raise kids....oh never mind. *bangs head on keyboard* efijmewrihouvwn ieohr