Monday, September 29, 2008

wanted: veggies

so yeah. what have I been doing? erm, nothing? I think. I really not sure. I have been doing stuff but it's kinda like yer every day stuff.

I never thought I'd wish for a salad over french fries. I like french fries. but after a few days of having little to no veggies (not intentionally by either me or my parents it just kind of happened that way) I'm wishing for some. I've had a lot of food recently that's had a lot of grease in it or preservatives. not to mention the twelve orios I had Saturday or the icecream I ate for dinner sunday as I rushed out the door for youth group. I can't take in a lot of grease and fat without feeling sick. which is why I don't eat at McDonald's very often, avoid hotdogs, cut the fat off my stake, and refuse bacon. the last two nights, I've felt a bit sick. from the grease and cookies. We're having a bunch of veggies for dinner, so I'm very happy. I know now why you need a well balanced diet. I did know before, but right now, my body is enforcing the idea that veggies are important.

our chickens finally started laying eggs. we've had five eggs so far...or is it six? it might not seem like a lot now, but soon we're going to have eggs out the wazoo! I'm not sure If I like that besides deviled eggs, I'm not yer biggest egg fan. though it it kind of nice that we don't have to run into town just to get them.

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Lizzie said...

I know what you mean about the veggies. The other day I wanted to have a salad sooooo bad. I never eat salad! We had some and ohh it tasted sooooooooooooooooooooo good!