Thursday, October 2, 2008

dead people aren't fun

So I picked up this book called "the sight" right? it looks like a cool book. it has a white wolf on the front and everything. In truth, the reason I picked it up in the first place is because I want to read it's sequel. *shrugs* Something odd: when I went to look for it in the library, it's sequel, called Fell, was in the YA section. but "The Sight" was in adult fiction. there is something mixed up about that. 

back to me reading the book: this book, is about wolves. the main characters are wolves (for those of you who did not understand my first statement.) anyway, it is very descriptive, which is good. I like description. Then you get to the dialogue. it's all like "yes, palla, finding the cave would be a good thing." "No, Huttser, we cannot go that way!" the over usage of names is thoroughly annoying, but I keep reading anyway. After all, I don't have anything left on my reading list since I finished book nine in the Pendragon series. Eventually, I get used to some one's name in every sentence. 

I get to chapter three (after Morgra curses Larka's family) people start dying! or should I say,  the wolves start dying? The first one to go is Khaz. I think that's how you spell it. I don't have the book in front of me. (for those of you who have read this book, please forgive me if 
I spell the names wrong) He falls in a hunter's tap. Then Brassa dies of illness. The wolves leave their home. Then crossing a river, Kipcha dies. She falls off a waterfall. The wolves go see this seer wolf (can't remember her name) and then the seer wolf gets her throat torn out by the Night Hunters (bad guys/wolves). Then the Night Hunters get in a fight with the wolf Bran, and he dies. Pitty. Bran was my favorite wolf! Then the remaining wolves, Huttser, Palla, Fell, Larka and Kar cross a frozen river.  Fell falls though the ice and supposedly drowns. I don't think he really died because the sequel is called Fell. Then Palla and Huttser disappear, leaving Kar and Larka. Kel gets caught in a fire and Larka thinks he's dead. (he's not. I know because I've gotten to a chapter where you find out Kar isn't dead.) Poor Larka is all on her own for a bit and then she meets this eagle named...something that starts with an 'sk'. Note: all those characters die between chapters 3 and 9. it's crazy. 

I've gotten to the part where Morgra is discussing an evil plan with her sidekick raven named Kraar. Kraar is an idiot. I'm going to finish the book because I still wanna read the sequel and I want to know how the story ends. I don't think I'll  read these books again. the guy who rights them has an uncomfortable fascination with killing people/wolves!

The reason I'm reading these books is because they are on Ruth's favorite book list on facebook. I want to know. why. btw, Ruth, if you're read this, let me tell you something. YOU ARE CRAZY! 

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