Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pray for a Windstorm!

rain. I like rain. I love rain. BUT! I hate it when it drizzles (that rain that kind of hangs around in the air a while before it sinks slowly to the ground) for two days straight and the temperature goes from 80 to 30 degrees in one afternoon. not to mention how it was around 20 degrees the past few nights. hello! I only had one blanket on my bed. brrrrrrrr. I don't like it when the temps jump around! hot cold hot cold hot cold. you can't adjust and yer either really hot or freezing!

My grand parents got here a few days ago. woop de do. they are never going to believe that most the time it's hot and dry here after it's been raining for two days. My mom is hoping for a big windstorm to turn the sky brown like it did in March to show our grandparents that this is NOT a very good place for them to live. they'd hate the wind. there has been hardly any wind at all the last few days and Grandpa said "Is it always so windy here?" he hasn't seen nothin' yet!

list of things I need to do....
1. finish creation project by Friday. =0 (I still have to work on days 5-7!)
2. finish reading inkdeath so I can get that back to the library by the 18th.
3. start and finish Brisingr so I can give it back to Haley
4. pray for a large windstorm
5. wash paint off of fingers...oops.

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