Monday, September 15, 2008

random outhouse fact

Ya wanna know something random? this post has nothing to do with my life since my life has been very dull for what seem like forever and besides complaining about school, there isn't really anything that's worth mentioning.

Now for my random post...Why is there always a crescent moon carved into the door of an outhouse? Well, it used to be that there would be two out hoses: one for guys and one for girls. The guy outhouse would have a sun carved into the door and the girls would have a crescent moon. now some cartoonist decided that he liked the moon shape better and now that's why we have moons on the front of the out house doors. 

oh. I think dinosaurs went onto the ark with Noah and were killed either by the climate change after the flood, or by human hands. they did not like a bazillion years before people. I'm not even sure how people came up with that theory. It's true that doinos were not mentioned in the bible, but dragons were. dragons as we all know are mythical creatures that never really existed. they were most likely exaggerations of the large pythons in Asia, or they were dinosaurs that had not yet died out. that might also explain why nearly ever culture has some story about dragons or "large fire breathing lizard". Savvy? 

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