Thursday, September 4, 2008

16? Why me?!

So I walk into chillies, right? and my grandmother says: "Table for three." and the waitress looks at me and says: "Do you want a children's menu?"

Carpooling: lady asks: "So how old are you?" I answer: "Sixteen." Lady says: "really I never would have thought you were that old."

Around: dude says: "Are you really sixteen? cuz you don't look like it."

Friend of Friend looks at my 13 year old sister and asks: "Now which one of you is older? You?"

-_- sure. I don't look my age, but I sure act older than it if you take the time to get to know me. I haven't grown hardly in two years. I still have shoes that fit from three years ago!

I guess it's worse when ppl are always asking you "So are you driving?" "What classes do you want to take in collage?" "Are you working?" "So what do you want to do for the rest of your life?" all this pressure! people are expecting all these things from me! And I'm just worried that I'll get good grades. I don't need people telling me how to live my life or ask a gazillion questions on top of that!

Also, when some people assume that just because I'm a teen, I'm totally stupid and am going to mess up my life and need counseling or something. HELLO PEOPLE! NOT ALL TEENS ARE IDIOTS!

I guess everyone means well, but it's just so freaking annoying! I'm going to get lost in the mountains. Call me when my teen years are over. 'course then I'm gonna have to get married and get a job and raise kids....oh never mind. *bangs head on keyboard* efijmewrihouvwn ieohr

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