Saturday, August 30, 2008

Random post

yeah you dont need to tell me that I haven't posted in a while. with school the way it is, all those other wonderful places in cyberspace to visit, and the fact that nothing worth talking about going on around here, there is no point, and not enough time to post. SO THERE!

But I'm here now to give you you're weekly dose of Kye! how wonderful is that?

I am totally failing in civics, my math has always been bad so that's nothing new, but now my science has turned a pretty bad corner and my poor brain can't keep up with all those rows upon rows of numbers. it might as well be written in Greek! I just hope I can keep my head above it all until the end of school. how come the only stuff I'm good at is extra curricular!?!?!

Rachel is gone for the weekend which means I get her chores and mine, but I guess that's not so bad since I was gone for two weeks. Nathan and Dad are making nesting boxes for our chickens. Yes we haven't done that yet. Mom is doing dishes (which is my chore, but I just finished folding clothes so I think that's why plus I'm uploading photos to my dad's facebook cuz he hasn't done that yet) and Abby is...somewhere. I'm going to have to go look for her....

uh...oh facebook! I got one when I was in MD cuz I was board and then a week ago, my mom asked if she could get one. I didn't ever think she'd ask that, but she did and she has more friends than me! She even found some ppl from collage. Dad got one, or rather, mom got dad one. that is why I am uploading photos, because he's not doing it and it's driving mom nuts.

Our Internet is stinky! it's fast enough I guess, but sometimes it doesn't work. we have wireless and we can't get fiber optic cuz of where we live. Bummer. Sometimes it stops working when I"m in the middle of something. That drives me insane!

Oh. I was freaking out a few days ago cuz I finished a book and I wanted the next one REALLY BAD and the portales library didn't have it and we weren't going to Clovis that day so I was kind of stuck. then I found the book I wanted on iRead. on the day we were going to the clovis library. how messed up is that! oh well. I got it now and I'm happy.

this has been almost as random as Christina's blog.

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Your Fantastic Friend, Janine said...

You are not failing Civic's. You've only had one test.