Sunday, August 24, 2008


I've never liked guns. in my opinion, they kill to easy and accidents with guns can happen even more easily. Also, even if you don't have sensitive ears like I do, they can be very loud.

My dad got my mom a 22 for an anniversary present. Yeah. he got my mom a gun instead of taking her out to dinner. He says that it would be a good thing for us to learn how to use a gun in case we were attacked or something. Also it would be great for getting rid of coyotes. Sure dad. Whatever.
Nathan was thrilled. surprise surprise.

After giving me the basic "gun safety" talk, he handed me the 22 and told me to aim for the target that was sitting...I don't know, 20 something feet away. I am no Annie Oakley let me tell ya. I only managed to hit the target 9 times out of 20. I hit the bull's eye once. It was a lucky shot. I wasn't worrying about my score, I was just trying to hit the freaking target!

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Kim said...

I enjoyed your blogs, especially this one. I also enjoyed your music! Thanks!!