Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year!

A new year! Whoo-ra! Anyway, I’m not exactly very good at posting updates very often, nor do I care to. But since the last post was before Halloween, I figured I should say at least something.

So far, my goals for the new year include drawing whatever pops into my head as well as the fan art that keeps people happy. I also hope to go back and edit the second draft of my novel and see if I can fix any of the snags. And if I can survive my second year of college, I will be pretty happy with that as well.

As far as what I shall be reading this year, the list is already growing. What I’d like to get my hands on soon, however, would be this book of people photography I came across the other day. It looked interesting and if I can every find some subjects to photograph other than myself and my siblings it may be useful. Plus I’ve been toying with eventually doing photography on a professional level.

I believe that is it for this post. I have a feeling the next one won’t be until three months or so from now, but we shall see…

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