Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dogs = :P

This is the second time I've taken a pencil from one of my dogs mouths. first it was Dakota, and now it's Jenna. do they like the taste of graphite or what? they are so lucky ppl don't make pencils with lead in them any more then they'd be sick puppies. I can't believe some of the stuff dogs eat. it's disgusting! they eat anything! even chicken crap. ew. :p also when they roll in things. "oh look Cheyenne, I found some cow poo. let's roll it it!"

that reminds me, Cheyenne was rolling in the dirt the other day and when dad went out side to get her he thought he saw a strange dog in our yard. of course it was just Cheyenne covered head to foot in dirt. she looked brown instead of black. thankfully, it was dry dirt not mud so it came off when she shook.

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