Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Week With Ruth

Beginning with Thursday, August 6th: We left the house early to go to Albuquerque to pick Ruth up. It was a four hour drive just to get there and I drove for one an a half hours. I swear Ruth was one of the last people to get off that plane! We went to the zoo afterwords, then came home. Another four hours of driving, and then just before bed, Ruth, Rachel and I watched Howl's Moving Castle. in Japanese for the sake of authenticity. I must say I'm glad. we could have watched it in the dubbed over English version, but then the mouths wouldn't have matched. and that really bugs me when the voice doesn't match the mouth.

Friday, August 7th: To celebrate Tax free weekend, Ruth and I went to our little mall in Clovis where the food court consists of pizza or Chinese food. We both bought stuff. I like not having to add tax to my purchases.

Saturday, August 8th: Went to Ute Lake, swam out to the little island in choppy water and got a slight case of hypothermia. Fun. Never doing that again. We didn't have a boat or anything!

Sunday, August 9th: We didn't really do anything Sunday.Went to the video store and rented Mononoke and the first X-man movie. I've already seen X-man, but Rachel hasn't and she's been bugging my dad for ever asking if we could rent it. So that is what we watched Sunday night. it took us a long time to watch X-man because Abby wasn't aloud to see it, so we had to pause it every time she walked into the room. very annoying.

Monday, August 10th: At this point, but Ruth and were too tired to really do anything. We were still trying to regain energy we used at the lake. We did go to osasis state park with Haley and Brandy that morning and came back and took a nap. Having nothing to do with our afternoon, we surfed the web and were actually able to find the whole movie Totoro online and we watched that. It was definitely geared for a younger audience, but it was hilarious. And then we watched Kiki's delivery service before bed. Online. Our day was very relaxed.

Tuesday, August 11th: It was my parent's anniversary, so they went to dinner and we stayed home. We watched Spirited Away in the living room and Abby watched it with us, but again, we had put it in Japanese, so there was no end of her questions. "What's that? What are they doing? What's going on? Are her parents really turned into Pigs?" Ruth and I also played with Ruth's web cam changing our voices and what not.

Wednesday, August 12th: We watched falling stars stretched out on a blanket in the back yard. very peaceful.

Thursday: August 13th: Sent Ruth back home. Boo hoo. I think that is the longest time I've ever spent with one of my friends. You know, one on one like. I'm pleased to announce we did NOT get tired of each other. our week was very relaxed, filled with talking and comfortable silences. I don't seem to do silence very well with people, but with Ruth it works. We've known each other so long anyway that it didn't really matter if we talked or not.

Yesterday, we went to Clovis and I spent the evening painting. I'm trying to get ready for the fair. So now, I have one oil painting I want to enter, but I also want to do a sketch and a pen and ink. I just need to figure out what I want to draw...

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