Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Broken Arm and a Black Cat Personality

It seems that the smallest of us, fell first. Abby, my youngest sister, fell out of the only tree in our yard and broke both bones in her lower left forearm. Right now, she's got a splint on, and she'll get it casted tomorrow. Not one of us kids have broken anything until now. Broken bones aren't really that big of a deal, but when not one of your siblings, including yourself have managed not to break anything, it puts a whole new level on things.

That's not the only interesting thing. We're picking up Ruth on Thursday, and I wanted to go back to Ute Lake with her this weekend. But with Abby's arm in a cast, that might not happen, seeing as she can't get it wet. Mom would have to stay home with her and my permit won't let me drive anywhere with someone who isn't family. I did ask Sarah if we could go up there again and I'm waiting for a response. this whole thing has made August the most interesting month so far. It makes me wonder what my week with Ruth is going to be like. One thing my friends never have to worry about is having nothing to do when I'm around. I seem to carry adventure with me wherever I go. something ALWAYS happens when you fit me in with at least one of my friends. examples:

Haley: broken Dune Buggy

Stephanie: car getting stuck in sandy shoulder

Sarah and Rebekah: Lost keys.

none of this is my fault! but I feel that just my presence has something to do with it. Call me a Black Cat if you wish, but at least my friends are never bored. =)

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