Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Move

Let me see, what has happened?

We managed to get everything packed up and left New Mexico for the last time on the second. It took us nearly a week to get to Maryland and the trip was no picnic. It's a bit difficult to take one moving truck, one suburban pulling a trailer and one pickup pulling a trailer and three cats and four dogs and two rabbits and seven people anywhere I think. Plus, when we were in Indiana, some jerk driving a grain semi backed into my dad's pick-up rendering it un-drivable. We had to get a rental car and leave my dad's truck and trailer in Indiana while we continued on our way.

We got to our rental house and were greeted by a handful of friends and family. They helped us unload the moving truck and then we spent the next few days trying to maneuver around the house without knocking into boxes.

My Dad recently went back to Indiana to pick up his truck and we finally unloaded THAT trailer last night. My room is mostly box free now, but the basement is another story. I don't know how long it will take us to unpack it all. or if we will. We are in a rental after all. We are hoping to find somewhere more permanent.

I have lived in Maryland for ten days now. I must say it feels like slipping on an old shoe. After all, I grew up here. It's interesting seeing familiar places. some of which have changed drastically and some which have not changed at all. I am very happy we moved back.

I do hope we can put a new shower head in the bathroom though. it's driving me crazy!

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