Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Useless Holiday Ramble

So, Winter is more or less here and biting harder than ever. It's the start of Holiday shopping when everyone runs around like crazy and people trample over others just to get what they consider good deals. It's the time when people put up their inflatable snow men, plastic candy canes and light up Santas. Nearly all the music that is heard this time of year is Christmas music. Small evergreens sit in parking lots, their roots wrapped in gunnysacks. Artificial trees pop up everywhere in stores with white and yellow tags hanging from them declaring that they are pre-lit.

People bend under the weight of their holiday shopping and gasp at the quickly decreasing amount of money in their bank accounts. In-laws come to visit, stress levels are high and children point at every shop window they pass and ask if that toy, or that toy might end up in their stockings. Many look forward to this holiday season and yet they dread it, wishing it would end quickly so they could get back to their normal lives.

As for me, I sit back and watch it all, do a bit of shopping of my own and roll with whatever is thrown at me. After all, this only happens once a year and it is better to enjoy the chaos then it is to fight it.

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