Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More NaNoWriMo freak out

Oh bother NaNoWriMo! it seems to be about all I can think about these days! grrr! From the way my story is starting to shape up in my head, it's going to be a little darker than what I usually write. No. I take that back. I seem to be good at writing a little dark. I'm thinking about my short stories for writer's class here. At any rate, this story is NOT going to be for little kids.

It's a good thing I switched to the adult version of NaNoWriMo. I'm still going to be posting on the young writer's one though. I had people from both networks that wanted to be buddies with me. so that's why I have two accounts. Same username, same novel, different word count. yikes! I have to write 50k! that means about...1666 words a day! that's four pages!

Another thing that's going to bug me about this is that I'm pretty sure this story would work better in 3rd person. THAT is ok since I write in 3rd all the time. However, my main character is named D1R5. yeah. so that means sift key D, number 1, sift key R, number 5. CONSTANTLY!

Bother. I make these things too hard for myself.

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Heather said...

aw! you'll do great! good luck ;)