Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Llama Has No Issue with Intruding Personal Space

Not much going on. We are now boarding llamas for a while and one of them won't leave me alone. she has gotten it into her head that whenever she sees me, she is going to come with in two inches of my face and snort. I've worked with horses before, so I'm used to large creatures in a close proximity to me, but a horse never got right in my face. Usually they keep a respectable distance. It just goes to show you llamas are not like horses and, if they are rather bold a curious like Sugar, they no problem with standing nose to nose with you. It feels like the tables have been turned on me. usually the animals are a little skittish around me at first, but I'm finding that I'm actually the one being skittish. I have no idea what to expect from this kind of animal and it puts me on edge. So if you ever want to know what a skittish cat, dog, or horse feels like, just get in a pen with an over curious llama. I must admit, I do prefer them to cows.

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