Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Painting Problems and Unfinished Shopping

Well I did it. I went and started to teach my friend and my sister how to paint with oil. it's a good thing neither of them care very much about being professional painters, because I am certainly not one myself. I've only painted with oil a total of four times in my life, not including the painting I'm doing right now as an example for my two students. We're all painting at the same time and I'm painting a picture to show them what to do, which is a little bit easier than telling them. I still feel like I'm making it all up as I go along, which I am. I never know what a painting or sketch is going to look like until it's done.

Unfortunately, I'm absolutely horrible at leaving my paintings unfinished. We ran out of time Monday, so we couldn't finish our paintings. We will be able to finish them next Monday, but me, being the person I am, couldn't help it and ended up painting more on my canvas anyway. it's not finished, but most of the background is complete. I hope Rebekah and Rachel will forgive me for this. I couldn't help myself! it's sitting there screaming at me wanting to be painted and there's this huge white spot where the child and dog are supposed to be. so annoying!

I have a small canvas I might paint today to keep me from touching the other. Or, I might be too busy Christmas shopping to touch either. I hope the latter is the case. I haven't done any shopping and should probably get to it soon. Even so, I only have 50 bucks to burn this year. that means that whether my family likes it or not, I'm going to have to be a cheap Santa. Maybe it's a good thing the only store around here is Wal*Mart.

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