Friday, December 31, 2010

The Very Busy Year of 2010!

Christmas has come and gone and I am sitting here watching the new year roll in. 2010 has been one heck of a ride and I don't think 2011 is going to be any slower. Here's a little summary of what happened within the last 365 days:

January: I started taking college classes. I only took two and one of them was on a subject I'm rather good at, so it wasn't very stressful. I loved my teacher even if I wasn't terribly fond of some of the other students.

February: My dad went to Fort Worth TX because he had gotten a job there. The rest of of my family was planning to move there after I finished my classes. We did some packing, not very much and I buckled down and worked on finishing up high school as well as college.

March: Very busy month. My Home school group put on Pride and Prejudice and I was Mr. Bingly's snobbish sister, Caroline. We learned eight dances from that time period and although I could dance all of them, the director thought that my character would not care for dancing, so I did fill-ins for missing actors during practice, but did not dance during our final performances.

April: I found myself home alone a lot. Or mostly. With dad still being in Fort Worth, my mom was kind of miserable. Dad was miserable too I might add. Mom went to visit him a few times and took two of my siblings with her each time leaving me home with one of them. The reason we did not all go is because we had animals to take care of.

April was pretty boring. I read Abby the story of Pinocchio and decided that for once, I liked the movie much better.

May: Spent a lot of time with Rebekah. I also graduated high school with other homeschoolers my age. I find it funny that I went through school without once setting foot in a public or private school classroom. Hats off to my mom for putting up with schooling me for 18 years.

June: I spent most of this month reading. That tends to happen in June. June seems to constantly be my best month for reading. Haley finally got me to read Harry Potter and I read books 1-5 during the course of this month.

I also did a lot with Sarah and Rebekah. Dad was STILL in Fort Worth and we were no closer to moving there then we were in February.

July: My lovely dear friend Jen and her brother Adam spent two weeks with us. We went all over the east part of New Mexico (the part where we lived) and into west Texas.

I also turned eighteen during this time. Truth be told, I still don't feel like eighteen. But I'm not really sure what eighteen is supposed to feel like.

August: Here is where my life slows down and speeds up at the same time. Dad came back from Fort Worth. It wasn't possible for us to live separated like that anymore. It was KILLING us!

Of course, Dad didn't have a job anymore and wasn't able to find one where we were living. We literally lived on Faith during August. And obviously, I'm still here, so God was good to us and provided. During this month we found Theo and Sophie. Or rather, the two darned cats found us.

September: I've always liked September the best out of the months of the year because it is a transition from summer to fall. But September has never liked me. I have Four journals to prove that.

It was clear we were not moving to Fort Worth anymore. Every time we tried, we were met with a closed door. So instead, we went back to our original idea of moving back to Maryland. We started packing more boxes and fixing the house up so it would be ready to sell. We also found our buyers.

October: Packing and lots of paperwork. Here's a tip, when selling a house, use a Realtor. they are worth their weight in gold.

I'm not sure when Dad and Nathan started to work at the Calf Ranch. It might have been in September, it might have been in October. My journal doesn't say. I guess I failed to record it.

Anyway, October was very full of packing and painting and packing and more packing and even more packing...and my dad and brother's smelly clothes. Cows stink and are often times dirty. Having to wash smelly laundry made my dislike of cows grow considerably. We also said good-bye to our livestock. The Goat, the Llamas and the Chickens. We had to give Sophie to some friends, but were able to keep Theo.

November: More packing. And then finally a very very very long car ride. In Indiana, Dad's truck got backed into by a grain semi. It was pushed it back a few feet and the front of dad's truck was all smashed up. We had to leave it and the trailer my dad was pulling behind and get a rental van to finish the move. Dad went back to Indiana a few weeks later when the truck was fixed.

We moved into a rental house and have been here ever since. I think packing is a pain, but unpacking is even worse. I will be very happy when we find a more permanent residence. This rental is kind of small for Six humans plus 4 dogs, 3 cats, and two rabbits.

December: Holidays. Christmas. Friends we haven't seen in ages. Christmas Shopping with Jen. Complete and utter exhaustion. That has been my December. I keep waking up in my new room and expecting to find myself back in New Mexico. Being back here after having been in another state for nearly four years is kind of weird, but I'll get used to it.

2010 has been a very full year for me and my family, and without God, I wouldn't be sitting here writing this. I'm not sure what I would be doing. I'm not sure I want to know.

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