Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Too Smart Stupid Cat

Theo, my white Turkish Van, loves hair ties. He likes to chew on them and bat them with his paws around the house. I'm constantly having to pick them up and put them back where they belong or throw them out if he's managed to snap them.

Yesterday, I was sitting at my desk when I heard a scraping sound behind me. I turn around and Theo is pawing at my jewelry chest. It's a foot and a half tall and has little drawers to put things in and two panels on the sides that open where you can hang necklaces. I watched as he opened the top drawer with his paw and pulled out one of my hair ties and ran off with it in his mouth. Apparently, he knows where I keep them. I managed to get it back from him and closed the drawer.

Five minutes later, he's at it again. After watching my cat open the drawer five times, I moved the hair ties to a different drawer hoping he would stop trying to get them. It only made things worse. He started to open the other drawers and tip them on to the floor.

Right now I have a cloth bag over the top of the case so he can't get in to it. I'm hoping he will eventually loose intrest in it and go terrorize something else. Neither of my other cats have any intrest in hair ties and they don't bother looking for them. Theo not only looks for them, but he figures out how to get them. Whoever said cats weren't as smart as dogs never owned one.

My sister and I caught him on video if you don't belive me.


Darkitty said...

lol ;D

Anonymous said...

My turkish van tries to open a drawer in the bathroom most days. He will then take out the hair ties I keep in there and then plays with them. I saw today my cat ate one of them...ugh oh. I need to be more careful. They are a great breed of cat!