Monday, February 23, 2009

The Wind vid and Used Values

I’m currently working on a commercial/promotional video for this one town that wants to get wind turbines. The town is called Bovina and it’s in Texas. Not everyone is happy with the idea, so one of town council members approached me with the idea of the commercial about why wind energy would be good for their community. I did some interviews with a few of the town’s people who are for the whole wind energy thing on the 19th.

One of the first stops was this store called Used Values. It’s basically an antique shop, except all the antiques are from one person. Well, one Lady and her husband. I guess that would be two people...but i think most of the stuff was hers. I kid you not, the shop was as large as a poll barn and crammed with every kind of object you could think of. It’s like the lady, Marie (she’s 80 something) never got rid of anything! Seriously, she should be in the world record book for being the world’s largest pack-rat. I’m not trying to be mean; I’m trying to give you a mental picture of what the place looked like. I’ve never seen so much junk in my life. I had to take off my coat just to walk down the unorganized isles of…well, junk! There were piles of old records stacked from floor to ceiling and as I said, it’s a poll barn, so the ceiling is really high. This picture doesn’t even do it justice! Get this, she’s got two more whole barns with stuff like that in it! Two barns! Unbelievable!

I am now in the editorial process with this vid and I am scared to death I'm going to mess up! this is the first project where I've had do do something like this on my own. usually, I have either Mr. John or Mrs. Betty giving me pointers. right now, however, they are in Dallas! so this project is all mine. Mrs. Gina said she'll be happy with anything I put out and she knows I'll do my best. I just hope my best is good enough....

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