Sunday, February 1, 2009

Swimming in the Winter

I'm a 5 foot 3 chick, I weigh only 105 pounds and the wind loves to blow right through me. I HATE winter because I can't seem to hold any kind of heat what so ever and I don't really enjoy getting wet without my consent. Why, you ask was I in a Outdoor pool on a day with a 55 degree wind chill? Good question! I'm still asking myself that one!

To back up. you remember in my last post how I said I was filming with Sarah? Well, she needed a pool shot and the only pool available to use was one at a hotel. she didn't just need a pool shot, she needed one in the water. UNDERwater. that means the camera person HAS to be in the water. I guess It's just the crazy film maker in me that actually persuaded me to do that. To get in the pool in the middle of winter. We got some good shots and luckily, there was a hot tub right next to the pool.

Well, here it is the next day and I'm none the worse for my little adventure. It's just one more thing to put with the bare foot on the beach in September, flip-flops and Capris on the OC Boardwalk in early March, the flip-flops no water five mile walk in July, and the driving out to the Caprock without adults. in case you haven't noticed, I'm CRAZY!!!!!!


Aubery Mirkwood said...

Hey! I'm an adult! And thanks for going crazy with me!

Kye said...

yeah, but yer not adult enough for my parents to think it's ok to do that. lol