Saturday, July 18, 2009

Birthday Begins with a Runaway Horse

Happy Birthday to me! it was yesterday actually, But oh well.

You know that horse that lives in the field next to us? I found out that his name was George of all things. He’s not the only horse in that Field and actually, one of his friends, Pie, got out and was meandering around our house looking for a way back into the field. Dumb horse. We borrowed a lead rope and a halter from one of the people down the road. I managed to slip it over Pie’s head, but the horse didn’t want to leave the fence and remained stationary for forty five minutes! That meant that I had to stand there for forty five minutes, trying to coax Pie into going down the road so we could get him back in his field. Mom was calling the branding inspector to try and figure out who owns Pie, because we didn’t know who owned the field next to us and didn’t have the guy’s number.

The funny thing was that I eventually got Pie moving and no sooner did we start walking than the guy who owns Pie drives up in his truck! Talk about timing. He didn’t even know Pie had gotten out, so that means my mother hadn’t managed to reach him. We have his number now in case it happens again.

It could be just me, but I don’t really like spending my birthday in the hot 95 degree weather with a horse that won’t move.

I painted yesterday evening and finished my seccond ever oil painting. Haley texted me later and said it was a good thing I hadn't gone to youth group that night or I would have had to do the birthday dance. No way as anyone going to make me do that stupid dance.

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