Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bonita Park

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. you see, I haven't been feeling tip-top of late. I have this horrible cold. I don't get sick a lot so when I do it's absolutely paralyzing.

Last weekend was spent at Bonita Park in Ruidoso NM. The first vacation my family has had in nigh a year. It was a father retreat and the dads could bring their families. We were in the middle of the mountains so we had thin air, no Internet and no cell service. I met a few new great people, but it took two days before any of us had the guts to meet one another. Shayna was the first. She has a voice that sort of reminds me of Amanda Bynes. Shayna is apparently in love with Rodeo and Cows. I can't stand cows. She's very friendly and easy to talk to.

Then there's Scott and David. They're best friends and it turns out that I know David from before. We helped his family move into their new house about a year ago. David can be conversation for both of you so it's pretty easy to relax around him. As far as Scott goes, I didn't really talk to him much because him and Rachel were basicly stuck together like glue for most of the long weekend. David kept coming up with ways to break them up.

Andy, I believe will grow up to be some kind of inventor or engineer. He was making some possible plans for a hovercraft of some sort and the drawings were phenomenal! Truth be told, I didn't understand half of what was on the graph paper, but I know that the guy's got talent.

of course, when you do get a bunch of teens together, you get trouble. not bad trouble, but we did go a little crazy. I must say it's weird to play on a play-scape that is way too small. there was one that sat on top of a hill. Andy kept saying that it looks a lot smaller when you get closer. which was true.

So after a long four-day weekend of human foosball, Cheetos wars, getting lost in the mountains, and Scott being eaten by bears (or so David claims), you can imagine how tired I was and still am. Thankfully, this cold didn't really begin to manifest until we got back. I don't know what I would have done if I'd had to blow my nose every few minutes in the middle of the mountains.

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