Thursday, June 12, 2008

Books!!!! (yes again)

Books are like another world. A world that you can escape to as soon as you slip though the pages and into the story itself. That has to be one of the things about books that I like best. It’s also a lot of fun to talk about books with other people who have read the same book or is also an avid book reader. I could go on and on about books, mainly because I’ve read so many. It’s a topic I never seem to tire of. Unfortunately, I seem to wear other people out. So is the curse of the Book Worm.

When I do get a chance to talk about books, I jump at it. (duh) This time, it was with the STAR (Some Teens Are Reading) program at the library. One of the nice things about living in a small town is getting to do more things with other people. I’m mostly talking about book clubs. Anyway, this week’s topic/book: The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke. We watched the movie, which was based off the book, and then talked about the differences between the book and the movie. Heaven!!! I must say my stupid shyness kept me from talking too much. I mostly listened to other’s opinions. That is how I learn most of what I know anyway. As I said, anything with books, for me anyway, is fun.

Abby got earrings today. She was very happy about it to until a few minutes ago when she learned that she’d have to keep the earrings in when she goes to bed or the holes close. She’ll live. I did. (Then again, mostly everyone does…)

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