Friday, June 27, 2008


I never thought I’d say. “My yard looks like a swamp!” but of course, I never thought my mother would watch LOTR either. I am beginning to think that anything is possible in my crazy life. Anyway, about the swamp. We were re-filling the pool (cuz it’s one of those little three ft deep blow up kind) and someone left the water on until the water level in the pool was almost above the blue blown up rim. Uh oh. It was fine for a little bit, but then G-force started pulling on the one side of the pool. It was pulling the pool over. Just a little bit. And then, wooosh! All that water went over the side up the pool. Leaving the pool half empty (or half full) and the yard completely swamped! Well, most of the yard. The part by the pool and the deck anyway. Mom wonders why it couldn’t have spilt on her flower garden.

The consequences of the swamp: Our dogs (all four of them) went out and played in the “swamp” and then came in the house. Wet/muddy dogs = muddy paw prints all over the kitchen. We have a bit of work cut out for us either this evening or tomorrow I think.


Stephanie said...

That exact same thing happened to our family a few years ago when we had a pool like that. ;) Do ya'll have a problem keeping the blue air-up ring full of air? We did.

Kyelyn said...

oh yeah. nathan has to keep it blown up. it gets flat so fast.