Thursday, June 11, 2009

Broken Earphones and more Driver's ED

my mom had me drive from my house to the movie theater in town. I did do it, mostly. I refused to cross the highway in front of ENMU. I'm not ready to drive on busy roads yet. luckily, there is a back way to get to the movie theater without having to travel on busy roads. I do NOT like driving next to semis. It's kind of funny, this this book I'm reading, Blood Secret, there's this girl named Jerry and her great aunt just tosses her the keys and tells her to drive home. she's 14 and hasn't driven before. I'm really glad my mom didn't do that to me.

My earbuds, the really good ones I've had for three or four years, broke yesterday. the right ear stopped working and then the left ear. now THAT pisses me off. they don't even make this kind anymore. they were really nice and blocked virtually all the excess noise around and kept the music inside the earphones so if you were sitting next to someone with them on, they couldn't hear a thing even if you turned it up. AND NOW THE FARTING THINGS ARE BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!! I feel foolish getting worked up over this issue, but I am REALLY mad about it.

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