Monday, June 1, 2009

Dream Bothers

If something bothers me, I tend to dream about it. like when all of a sudden, Alli stopped calling me and all the texts I sent her got sent back and she completely disappeared off the face of the cyberworld, I wanted to know what was going on! but how could I find out if she wasn't contacting me? it was nearly a month before I found out she'd basicly been banned from technology for reasons I won't share. But during that time when I didn't know what was going on, I had three different dreams about asking Alli why she wasn't contacting me. The first she just ignored me, the second, I was walking down the sidewalk with Steph and we berried a pumpkin in front of a church and Alli came to help, but avoided any questions and the third, she was just about to tell me when all of a sudden someone got murdered.

I've been having dreams about talking to my pen pal about the drawing I sent her. It was of her, but it wasn't really her likeness. it was more of a impression of personality. My brother got a call from her brother and my picture came up in the conversation. he didn't like the picture at all and said it didn't look anything like Jen. well, it really wasn't supposed too! I haven't been able to communicate that with Jen or her brother and it's been bothering me. Last night I dreamed I was explaining why I drew the picture the way I did.

I think this is also why I dream about loosing teeth and going to the dentist.

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Lizzie said...

I dream about things I fear all the time! It's freaky...