Friday, June 12, 2009

Bug Bites, Walkers, Miss-kicks, and a Yucca

So--you know, I start my posts with "so" a I was saying, we took Cheyenne to the vet's yesterday afternoon because she's got bites or stings all over her face. she was running a high fever and her face was a little puffy. they kept her over night just to make sure she was ok. she is. we just got her back this morning.

that wasn't the only thing that happened yesterday. We were in front of Hastings because I was going in to look for new earbuds. you know those walkers that have the seat/bench thing on them? well, there was this 93 year old lady and another old couple and the 93 year old lady was using the walker like a wheel chair. well, it hit a bump and collapsed in on itself and send the old lady flying backwards against the pavement, hitting her head and putting a deep long gash in her right leg. my mom flew out of the car to help set her back up and then flew back to the car to get one of our towels out of the back and dashed back over to try and stop the bleeding. my mom does not like blood. the lady's leg was gushing blood. mom said it was like pouring water out of a water bottle or something. some guy ran into Hastings and called 911 and there was a police officer there. I don't know what happened to the lady after the ambulance came and got her. I think she was ok, but she did loose a lot of blood.

When we got back from Clovis, Nathan made this dummy out of clothes and propped him up on the couch. the dummy was holding an air-soft gun. I, being stupid, thought it would be funny to knock the head off the dummy and so I kicked it...and hit the gun instead of the head. I was in flip flops, so my toes weren't protected, and I messed up the toe on my right foot. it's not broken, but it looks pretty nasty. I knocked the scope off the gun and sent the horrid plastic thing hurtling across the room.

Then after dinner, Haley came over saying that one of her dogs got hold of the book I lent her and chewed it all up. She's going to get me a replacement, so that's fine with me.

Then She said they got their dune buggy fixed and wanted to know if I wanted to go for a spin. We did laps around our four acre property, running into the fields behind and between us. it was really fun. Haley was going a little too fast at times and ran us up onto the bank on the other side of the road at one point. I reminded her that she better not kill me or land me in the hospital because we sure as hell can't pay for it. she replied cheekily that neither could they. on our third or forth lap, Haley took out a Yucca on one of the turns and swerved to hit another one and hit our fence instead. it's one of those pole and wire fences, so it wasn't hurt, and neither were we, but when the buggy hit the fence, it kept going and snapped the front left wheel clean off! it snapped the bolts! Haley's reaction? "Oh S**t." She had a reason for her language let me tell you. I'm not sure how long it is going to get that dune buggy fixed this time. For my part, I was too busy laughing to be of much help. I told Haley this was punishment for taking out a yucca.

So that was my day yesterday. one piece of bad luck after another. What a crazy world.

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Stephanie said...

good grief! What a day!