Monday, June 8, 2009

Five Minute Warning

This morning, I was woken up out of a dead sleep by my cellphone going off. I threw off the covers and scrambled out of bed, glancing at the clock briefly as I did. 7:00 AM. who could be calling me at 7:00 AM? I figured it was some telemarketer. The caller ID read Haley. I picked it up. "Hello?" fighting to keep sleep out of my voice.

It turned out that Haley was coming over for breakfast and I hadn't known about it. she was calling to tell us that she was going to come over in a few minutes. she just lives across the field from us...and I'd just gotten out of bed!!! AAAAAAAAAAH!

This was the second fastest time I'd gotten dressed and ready for the day. (the first had been the time I had to go to church and dad had forgotten to wake me up until he was walking out the door.) I managed to get dressed, make my bed, brush and straighten my hair (I'd gone to bed with it wet and it was sticking out at weird angles this morning) and I even managed to touch up a little bit as far as makeup. all under five minutes. That doesn't mean I was awake at breakfast. no. my body was up, but my mind was still in bed.

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