Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sandy Shoes

Yesterday my family, Haley (our neighbor) and her little sister went to Oasis state park. The lake there is man made and is about three times the size of the city pool. you want to go camping in trailers because the places they have for tents are coated with gravel. not very comfy. oh and you can't light fires because it's too dry and the brush surrounding everything might catch fire.

there are these large sand dunes that make a sort of bowl. they are very fun to climb on and Haley, my brother and the other guys took advantage of that. they took off their shoes and ran up and down the dunes. Haley wanted me to run down screaming like a maniac and to take off my shoes also. I didn't want to. it wasn't until she started piling sand on top of my shoes and grabbed my arm and literally pulled me down that I actually complied. the sand felt good. like beach sand. but there was no water to go with it. I miss the ocean.

we built several sand castles and pits and I built a sand dinosaur that nearly got stepped on three times. we were caked with sand when we were done and headed back to the main park. Unfortunately, Haley's little sister Kinzie forgot her cell phone so the two of us had to walk BACK to the dunes to look for it. we did find it...under three inches of sand.

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