Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Finding the Silver Lining

K! My week just got brighter and just in time! My 16th birthday is tomorrow! I’ve been kind of feeling crummy all week cuz, one: my camera broke so I had to send it in (which I did last month) and get a voucher so I could go by a replacement. It came in the mail Tuesday so that made my worries a little less. I bought my new and better camera this afternoon. Two: I had some books on hold at the library and was waiting for them to come in. Meanwhile, I was reading some really crumby books. The books came in Wednesday and I picked them up this afternoon. Yeay! Three: its summer so everybody’s busy had has very little time to fool around on the computer, so my internet life had gone waaaaaaay down. No emails or ppl to chat with while I was online. I had a few emails from ppl I hadn’t seen in a while tonight! Even more happy! Five: I found out today that I’m gonna have to bet braces in…September I think? But I’ll only have to have them on for one year! HAH! My teeth aren’t THAT bad.

Yeah I might be being a little too optimistic right now (I’m acting way out of character) but I’m in a good mood so looking for the silver lining can’t hurt. ;)

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