Friday, July 11, 2008

Medieval Costume Party

Ok. I’m gonna start with what happened yesterday, because obviously, I didn’t Blog yesterday. My dad brought home a dead bat. Yeah. One of those fuzzy creatures that fly around at night. He brought it home for us to look at. Eew

Now for today…Sarah had a medieval costume party this evening and I was going to go as a princess in this really nice gown we got at Good Will. But I’m not really comfortable in big flouncey dresses, so my mom took me to wal*mart to see if we could find another costume. My mom is probably one of the best moms on the planet. She took me to wal*mart last minute. Like, an hour before the party. We didn’t find one and I had to go as the princess.

Taboo is a weird game. But it’s even weirder when you have these people who look like they’re from middle earth holding a plastic buzzer. We didn’t play taboo for long. We changed games and played Apples to Apples instead. That was fun.

Sarah and her brother brought out some real swords and an old bow. Then the boys had a fight with plastic pipes. Come on, you aren’t going to let a few teens swing swords at each other. There was also music going from the Narnia movies and LOTR and other movies. When one of the Narnia themes came on, I gathered my skirts and ran across the lawn yelling “CHAAAAAAARGE!” not everybody saw me, but the people who did laughed. It was a fun evening. I’d love to do it again some time.

For more pics from the party, click here. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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