Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rest of the Week

Sunday the 27th: That walk i took with Ruth caught up to me and I could barley stay awake during church. I ended up taking a nap when I got back to my grand parents. It was just me this time. No Friends. Which was nice and annoying at the same time. I didn't really have anything to do. I talked Granny into going back to blockbusters and I found 'Alex Rider: Operation Stormbraker'. it was based on the first book of the Alex Rider series. Cuz the screen play was written by the author of the books, it was a really good movie. I got to sleep in that big sleep number bed again.

Monday the 28th: What did I do on Monday? Oh yeah. I went to the library to see if my card still worked. (I hadn't used it in a year) turns out that I needed to tell the librarian my old phone number and I couldn't remember it. She let me check the book out anyway (even though I was from out of state) because It was just one book and she's seen me often enough that she knows I'll bring the book back. Then I went over the Alyssa's. Guess what we did? We went on a walk. Yes I'm stupid. Feet still have blisters from Friday btw and I made them worse. It a nice walk anyway. I went past the place where I used to live. The ppl that live there now planted a few more trees and the swing set is no longer there. I didn't watch a movie that night.

Tuesday the 29th: I got my hair cut/trimmed and then went to Kmart to get a new hair brush. spent most of the afternoon finishing the library book and on the computer. Then Jen came over at 5:00 PM. We played kings in the corner and I emptied my hand in the first play. Then we went to blockbusters (again) and got Aurthur and the invisibles. Jen and I ended up crying because we were laughing so hard.

Wednesday the 30th: I'm going home tomorrow. Jen and I went on a short walk and then played around with our cameras. We hug them on the clothes line and then sat underneath and tried to get a picture of us both laying on the ground. it didn't really work but it was a lot of fun. I'm going to be going back to Alli's tonight and her mom is going to take me to the airport in the morning. So ends my stay in Maryland.

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Your Fantastic Friend, Janine said...

I hope you enjoyed your time visiting and catching up with friends. It sounds like you had a good time. Do you want to move back?