Saturday, July 26, 2008

Week So Far...

k so this is how my week has been so far. (if there are a ton of typos, it's cuz I'm using a strange keyboard)

Tuesday the 22: I had to spend two hours sitting in the air port cuz the flight was delayed and then spend four hours on the plane listening to two ladies talk about babies. When I got to BWI, Alli picked me up and we had ice cream. =) Then we were up till the wee hours of the morning talking. Spent the night in a nice regular bed.

Wednesday the 23: Spent all day at the mall! (we don't have those were I live) We window shopped in various places and bought a few things, went and saw WALL-E. I'd seen it before but Alli hadn't. Spent the night on a couch bed.

Thursday the 24: this is where I switched friends. We met Ruth in the burger king parking lot. I couldn't get the darn door on Alli's van open and when I finely did, Ruth jumped on me with this bear of a hug. I went home with her and said good-bye to Alli. That night, I got to see X-man. ya know that the twin towers are still standing in that movie? I'm guessing it's cuz the movie was made before 9/11. Spent the night in a tent and was a nice feast for little blood-sucking pests.

Friday the 25: Here is something you should NEVER do. Go on a five mile walk right before lunch time without water while wearing flip-flops. You will regret it for the rest of the week! Ruth and I left on a walk to the Laurel reservoir just before lunch and didn't get back until 4:00 PM. We were walking the whole time too. Didn't stop at all. When we finally did get back to her house, we drowned ourselves in glasses of water and then fell asleep on Ruth's bed. Our feet hurt so much it was hard to walk. Ugh. Ow. My Cuz picked me up then. I spent the night with her on a blow up air mattress after watching Fight Plan and listening to Em's hamster run around on it's wheel a million times.

Saturday the 26: I proved to the world that I suck at Minni golf. and regular golf. End of discussion. I'm gonna spend the night at Granny's in a nice, soft, sleep number bed. Heaven!


Your Fantastic Friend, Janine said...

It sounds like you've had a great time! Sure wish I could go and see my friends too. Call me some time, so we can talk about return details.

Rosetta said...

You saw X-Men? How was it? And you saw a few movies without us. UNFAIR! Anyway, we're watching "The gods Must Be CRAZY" tonight. Dad say's it's his favorite movie. :P And We're watching it without you!! HA! So when you come home, and we start quoting from the film, making jokes and then luaghing about it, you won't understand ♪Ha ha ha ha ha!♪


Kye said...

*steems* stop with the gloating already! idc about any freaking crazy gods!!!! see you when i get back