Friday, July 4, 2008

Summer Boredness Leads to Madness

Mom more or less kicked us out of the house this afternoon saying it was to nice of a day to spend in the house. Sensible or her really. In any case I did go outside. And I took a book with me. I went out the the horse shelter, next to the chicken coop and sat in on of our camp chairs. I must have been sitting there for a least 20 minutes before Nathan found me. He came right up and snatched the book away from me. I was a bit annoyed. he had taken it mid-sentence.

"Chase me!" he said. I didn't move.

"Chase me or you are not gonna get the book back." I let a smile creep over my face. I didn't do anything. I didn't have to. All I had to do was wait. He was gonna give me that book back without effort on my part. He then proceeded to threaten the book's well being if I didn't chase him. The thing is, he was soooooooooooo bored, he went looking for trouble. And I wasn't going to rise to his bait. he wouldn't harm the book anyway. it was a library book. He knew I knew all this. but that didn't stop him trying to get my goat for 15 minutes.

He did carry out two threats. he dipped the binding in the pool water (thank goodness the paperback had some kind of plastic coat on it) and he did throw it under some old cow poop. again, thank goodness for the plastic coat. I did have to clean the book off, and some of the pages (plus the book marker) did get a little wet. but the words in the book we unharmed.

So yeah. He gave up trying to anger me, gave me the book back and left me alone. I bet he wished I didn't know him so well. I probably know him better than either of my other 2 sibs.

BTW: Happy fourth all!

last night, our little town had a fireworks show. they had to do it on the third because the firework company had to be somewhere else tonight.

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