Saturday, May 16, 2009

Being an account of friday the 15th...talent night

It took me forever to figure out what I was going to wear and I left the house unsatisfied. When we got there, I warmed up with the choir and took my seat.

Nathan and Rachel's puppet show is the first act, so I have to bounce back up again and help hold the puppet curtain. back to my seat. people sing, play violins and the piano. Lizzie is sitting next to me, shaking so hard the pew is vibrating. I grab her by the shoulders."Peace!" I whisper. it'll be ok! you'll do great!" she gets up, does her skit, (which is really good!) then returns to her seat.

I have to get up and help abby sing her song. back to my seat. more singing and piano. I have to get up to sing with the choir midway though. I'll tell you this, our practice runs with choir went a lot better than the main performance. I think that was because everyone was so nervous. back to my seat. my turn! I get up there and head for the mic...and find out that there is still one more person before me. SHOOT ME NOW! sheepishly slink of the stage and sit back down. now it's Lizzie's turn to put peace on me!

Finally it's my turn. I get up there, "Hi, My name is Kye and I am going to be singing...oh shoot, I forgot what I was going to sing." Laughs. mom shouts at me from the audience, "You're not Alone!" right! I knew that! God, can you do me a favor and hit me with a lightning bolt or something?! I want to sink into the floor. NOW! start singing. it goes very well, I hit a few sour notes, finish and take my seat. then I have to get back up to receive my eleventh grade certificate. a few more people. time to leave. thank goodness!


Lizzie said...

You did great! Don'y worry about it!

Ink said...

*cheers* But you DID IT! And having the courage to get up in front of a bunch of people and perform is HARD.

Stephanie said...

It sounds like it wasn't too bad! Wish I would have been there!