Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Long Live Books!

Finished The Soldiers of Halla last night at 12:00 AM on the dot. I hate sharing a room with my sister! I wanted to scream! in a good way. I was pleased with the way it ended. I recommend the Pendragon series to anyone who likes books. The only thing is that now I've finished the series and it's over. no more story. =( I'm glad I own all the books. now I can go back and read it all over again!

Now I'm reading Max. It's funny, Max has been sitting on my shelf for nearly a month and I haven't read it yet. I went from not having anything to read, to being swamped! I guess that's a good thing. As I look at the books I still have to read, I can't help thinking that the list looks depleting. I'm going to have to hunt down some good stuff if I want to make it thorough the summer.

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