Thursday, May 28, 2009

Driver's Ed Nightmare

So it's my second real day at the actual driving part of Driver's Ed. Tuesday, mom took me out to an empty church parking lot and we went through all the gears, knobs, switches, blind spots, void areas and all that good stuff, then I drove around the parking lot getting used to the feel of the car, learning how to gradually start and stop, pull up to a curb, and remember to look everywhere all at once so I don't hit anything. it's a lot to remember. didn't do anything Wednesday.

Today, the parking lot was not enough for my mom. she drove across the street into the local cemetery! (btw, this is the main entrance to the actual cemetery I drove in) the road that runs through there is like, only big enough for one car, both sides are shouldered by trees and the path is like a maze. short turns and a lot of twists. this is only my second time behind the wheel people! I am WAY ahead of my text book. I had to turn a few sharp turns, and back up. I have to avoid a car that was parked right in the middle of the path and avoid hitting a water spicket and a grave stone all at the same time while remembering to check my mirrors and all that other driving goodness. wanna talk a about stressful? Hopefully she would make me do that again tomorrow. I'm quite content with empty parking lots right now.

Looking around though (you can do that too while driving) I felt a pang of sadness at all of those dead people. there's even a section for new born babies that had died. rows of dead babies and young children. it's just...sad.

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Lizzie said...

It is sad... but at the same time it's really interesting. Plus, cemetarys are great for the imgination!