Tuesday, May 5, 2009

iRead...and read

I really have nothing to say, so why I am posting is totally beyond me. right now, my dad is on the phone, nathan is playing video games, mom and my sisters are in the kitchen and we're all gonna eat cookies soon! MY cookies. I'm really surprised they've lasted this long. usually they're gone in two days. this would be day three. wow. Sadie, our lab, is barking at the kid across the street and the AC is up way to high. burrrrrrrrr

*Yawn* I'm tired. I have to finish reading Mississippi Jack so I can give it back to Haley. I'm about half way through the book and I've been reading it for two nights or more. it's got 600 something pages. long book. thankfully, it's small in stachure. I would not recommend reading the bloody Jack books. they're really good, but the only problem is that sometimes it can get a little Gorey and graphic. if it were a movie, it would probubly be PG-13 and in one or two passages, bordering R. there are definitely times where I skip over a paragraph or two. I wouldn't be reading them at all if I hadn't gotten so wrapped up in the story. I'm on the 5th book.

I have bloodhound sitting on my shelf and I'm DYING to read it. I've been waiting a long time for it. but first things first...MUST FINISH MISSISSIPPI JACK! sigh. What I REALLY want to read is the 10th Pendragon book which is coming out on the 12th. book nine ended with a killer cliff hanger. Rosetta now also shares in my pain. she just finished book nine yesterday. hee hee. well I seem to have said a lot for not saying anything. ta-ta!

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