Friday, May 15, 2009

Knocking Knees

I am going to die!!!!

I nearly fainted yesterday when I got up on the stage and opened my mouth to sing at the talent show rehearsal. there was only a handful of people there too! I am so going to die tonight! First I was fine. I usually am. I get nervas right before I go up to talk or something and then when I actually start doing it, I feel paralyzed! Mrs. Monica called my name and I got up on the stage..."Hi, my name is Monica Justus and I'm going to sing Amazing Grace." That was a slight dig from earlier when Mrs. Monica was using that as an example. I wasn't the only one to mimic her delivery. I was so wigged out though. my voice got shrill, which I hate, my stomach was doing flip-flops, my entire body was trembling and I was gripping that microphone for all I was worth!

I think I sounded ok. I hit a few really bad notes and mom said I swayed a little. I've said it before, I can be nervous and no one would know it. apparently, I didn't look nervous. At least that's good. I am so going to die tonight. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

If there is a slight chance that I don't die, I'll tell you how the main performance went.

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Ink said...

Good...belated....luck! I love the picture you used, lol.