Monday, May 11, 2009

When the World is Puddle-Wonderful

I had a strange dream last night. Diana, Jonathan and I were at a mall. I think Rose, Lizzie and Ana where there too, but they disappeared and I couldn't find them. Anyway, Diana, Jonathan and I went to go see Night at the Museum in the theaters. (that movie's been out on DVD for a long time so I don't know how we managed to see it) I couldn't find either of them in the dark theater, so I was running around crazily looking for them and then when I found them, I ended up sitting in a chair next to another seat Diana had jammed full of cardboard baby books! they were poking me in the soft upper part of my arm and no matter how I moved, the books kept poking me! it hurt! So I woke up, still feeling sharp pokes. but no one was poking me! I was alone in the room and I hadn't fallen asleep on a book or anything! Whatever/whoever it was stopped poking me when I sat up and got out of bed, but I could still feel it for a while. honestly! some spirits are so RUDE!

I burnt my ear with the hair straightener this morning...

but now to the puddle wonderful. it was misty, cloudy and moist all day long. the kind of day where you don't want to do anything. but I liked it because it was WET! on these over cast days, green looks more green and brown looks more brown! all the dusty colors are transformed into beautiful healthy fantasy quality colors! I love it! we don't get wet days around here much, so one wet day is Puddle-Wonderful! btw puddle wonderful is from a poem I cannot remember the name of.

We were running around in Clovis looking for supplies to make puppets for Nathan and Rachel's puppet show on Friday and we bumped into Diana of all people! now that's just weird.

all and all, I think I had a pleasant day.

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Ink said...

the poem (I just looked it up) is called "in Just", and it's by e.e. cummings. So...yep.

Rainy days are awesome.